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Digging in the dirt at Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School and Albany High School, the Vegetable Project is a collaborative effort of parents, faculty and other staff members and community partners that supports after-school and summertime Garden Clubs, mentoring, summer jobs for teens; presents classroom lessons; and brings families together for occasional weekend events. The Vegetable Project is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit corporation.

Here’s our brochure with more.

Board of directors

Greg Amodeo

Julia Farrant

Carolyn Keefe

Jenny McErlean

Bill Stoneman. Bill Stoneman started a garden program at Myers Middle School in 2009, when his daughter was an eighth grader there. The program grew into the Vegetable Project. Bill earned a master’s degree in teaching after many years in journalism.

David Hopkins, of counsel

Friends of the Vegetable Project

Many ways to participate and contribute

Why a garden? Why the Vegetable Project?

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  1. So excited to learn more about this project! Touring Myers tonight.Fresh, pesticide-free and local food is what our kids need (as do we).

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