Working with students

The Vegetable Project brings learning opportunities built around doing and touching and tasting and experiencing to hundreds of Albany students each year. September through December 2021 has been an exceptionally busy period.
# StudentsSchoolWhenActivity
17Abrookin Career & Technical CenterSeptember, October, November 2021Touch-and-taste walk-around garden visit, follow-up harvesting indoor seed starting with culinary 2 and 3 class.
100Myers Middle SchoolSeptember and October 2021Touch-and-taste walk-around garden visits with five eighth-grade family and consumer science classes. eighth-grade family and consumer science classes. Follow-ups with smaller groups.
55Myers Middle SchoolSeptember through December 2021After-school Garden Club since September
24New Scotland ElementaryOctober 2021Flower bulb planting with four self-contained classes.
25Albany High SchoolOctober 2021Touch-and-taste walk-around garden visit in with English-as-a-new-language class.
5Albany High SchoolOctober and November 2021Touch-and-taste walk-around garden visit with English-as-a-new-language class. Follow-up seed starting in classroom
14New Scotland ElementaryOctober 2021Fall garden-cleanup.
25Albany International CenterNovember 2021Flower bulb planting with two English-as-a-new-language classes.
130Myers Middle SchoolDecember 2021High-volume pea shoot starting with five seventh-grade family and consumer science classes with follow-up two weeks later making salad and dressing.
60Albany High SchoolDecember 2021Set up worm composting bins in six environmental science classes, with plan for ongoing care.
13Albany High SchoolFlower bulb planting with self-contained class.
12Albany High SchoolFllower bulb planting with self-contained class.
10Myers Middle SchoolBulb-planting with self-contained class.
473Total studentsSeptember through December 2021