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In search of accurate pH measurement

When you hold a ruler against something you need to measure, you can be sure that the six-inch mark really is six inches from an end of the ruler. It isn’t so easy, however, to measure soil pH.pH testing tools

We discovered in the fall that different tools sometimes produce starkly different results with a single sample of soil. In one instance, we came up with an acidic 5.0 when we tested with pH paper and an alkaline 8.0 with a system that mixes soil with an indicator solution. So what to do? And do user errors or Continue reading

The dirt on Myers soil

The steel dandelion puller that I tried to poke into the lawn where we would start a garden four years ago bent before I could dig more than an inch deep. The earth was that miserably hard. We have a great southern exposure at our site, giving us lots of beautiful sunshine. But we have struggled with the ground beneath our feet since the beginning. Continue reading