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Leveraging learning experiences found in garden

The Vegetable Project builds teaching and learning around doing and touching and tasting and experiencing – all year long. In July and early August, it’s mainly in partnership with Albany’s Summer Youth Employment Program, an initiative that provides 14-to-18-year-olds with 100 Continue reading

Figuring out how hard it is to compost at school

We launched a pilot project on Tuesday, June 12, to explore the feasibility of scaling up some composting efforts in schools where we work by collecting fruit and vegetable scraps from student lunches. And wouldn’t you know, the Biden administration announced a new strategy the very next day for keeping edible food out of landfills.

Did word of our initiative reach Washington on the day it was Continue reading

Handy links to online watering schedule signup

We want to show volunteers – perhaps you – around before they start to water our school gardens this summer. But then we would be grateful if volunteers would use our online signup tool to let us know when we can plan around their commitment. Please click here to sign up to water at Albany High School. And please click here to sign up for Myers Middle School.

But please also reach out at [email protected], so that we can arrange to show you the ropes. And please know that you will be making a big difference when you take a couple of watering shifts beyond your orientation in this volunteer group’s ability to head into the new school year with gardens teaming with teaching and learning opportunities.

–Bill Stoneman

Outdoor classroom for its educational value

Imagine a middle school where teachers can offer classes a change of scenery, and especially a change that will bolster seriously valuable contact with nature. And imagine a school where a greenhouse, with space for visiting classes to work, is warm enough in January to nurture slow growth of leafy green vegetables. Where a fruit tree orchard beckons. And where bird, mammal and insect habitat transform Continue reading

Help with watering would make big contribution

Want to lend a hand in the Vegetable Project’s gardens on your own schedule? Won’t you please consider helping to water at Albany High School and/or Myers Middle School from now until early October. Claim a week. Or maybe a day of the week for the summer. Or days that work for you. Either way, you’ll make a big difference in this volunteer group’s ability to head into the new school year with gardens teaming with teaching and learning opportunities.

Please reach out at [email protected] to arrange a garden walkaround and to learn the ropes with one of our veterans. Or go ahead sign up for days at Albany High here and at Myers here. We will get in touch and plan to meet you to get you started. We won’t leave you alone until you are ready. But please understand, the contribution only begins to make a difference as you start working independently and reliably.

Many thanks for 14 years of great support for our efforts.

–Bill Stoneman

Won’t want to miss Evening in the Garden

The Vegetable Project’s seventh annual Evening in the Garden will be at Myers Middle School this year, on Tuesday, May 7 (rain date the following day, Wednesday, May 8). We sure are looking forward to showing you what is growing, sharing with you about our work to create hands-on learning opportunities, offering a few hands-on learning opportunities right there and introducing you to knowledgeable growers who are eager to share their expertise.

And there won’t be another party like this one until the spring of 2025 – at New Scotland Elementary School.

If that doesn’t sound like enough, you’ll also enjoy the fabulous sounds of the Albany High School Jazz Ensemble and sample tastes of some of the best food around, provided by Albany High School’s Career and Technical Education culinary program, Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen, Bountiful Bread, Caffe Italia Ristorante, Cardona’s Market, the Copper Crow, Dove and Deer, Honest Weight Food Co-op and Nicole’s Catering.

The bash is from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the garden behind the school building.

We would be pleased if you would let us know that you are coming at Eventbrite or our Facebook event.

We would be grateful if you would stand up and be counted as a friend of our efforts to build teaching and learning around doing and touching and tasting and experiencing by becoming a member of the event’s honorary committee. We will include your name in an event program when you make a $25 contribution. Again, please visit Eventbrite.

–Bill Stoneman

Teaching and learning around endless plant lifecycle

Myers Middle School students scooped seeds from freshly plucked tomatoes last fall as we began another year of our afterschool Garden Club at the school. We followed instructions to ferment the seeds, dry them and then store them. Then, months later, a certain Vegetable Project volunteer dropped a handful of those seeds in a small container of potting mix and sat tight for nine days. Then, voila! Twenty or so tiny tomato plants pictured here.

It is so easy to germinate tomato seeds that this is almost cheating. But we have here the faint Continue reading

Kids won’t remember their best day of YouTube

“We believe that nature makes kids healthier, happier and smarter.”

The words appear on page after page at the website of the Children & Nature Network, a national advocate for getting children out into nature. And though that does capture the essence of the organization’s driving purpose,the organization Continue reading

Telling it like it is about wood shop teacher

If you enter our shed at our Albany High School garden and look up and to the left, you’ll see a few remarks that the structure’s student builders left for the eventual users. Though the shed was essentially completed in June 2022, we’re just moving in now, 20 months later, and thus just noticing what the proud students wanted us to know.

And what a pleasure it is to see one saying that Art Erbe, who leads Albany High School’s construction technology program, “is the best teacher” and thanking him for being the writer’s teacher for three years. We would certainly add Continue reading

Buying seeds supports Vegetable Project work

Make this the year that you start your own garden, maybe fill a couple of planters on the front porch, or perhaps add a few square feet to that special space – for the beauty you’ll create, for the hope you’ll inspire and for the stewardship of the environment that we share. And please support the Vegetable Project when you do by buying High Mowing Organic Seeds from us from now until Friday, March 29.

Please click here for a printable list of our offering brochure and order form, or here for faster loading, invite a few friends to take a look with you and push those winter blues away with visions of warm spring Continue reading