Plans for a busy summer in Albany school gardens

Another school year is winding down. But plants have little regard for the school calendar. So we keep going in our school gardens.

Garden Club at Myers Middle School continues on a summer schedule, as it has each year since 2011. We will gather on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m., starting on June 23. Please join us once, once in a while or all summer long. Get your hands dirty. Learn. Share.

And we have exciting plans at Albany High School, where we have been building for a little more than a year. We will be participating in a summer enrichment program at the school, offering high school students a chance to dig in the dirt, learn some about where their food comes from and take in a bit of the science behind the harmony in our environment.

One more item: The high school gardens will be a work site for the city of Albany’s summer youth employment program, providing a crew, we hope, to really get things ready for use when school starts up again in September.

What’s the big idea here? We offer hands-on experiences. We create teaching and learning opportunities. We endeavor to broaden horizons with the though that we can do our part to help grow healthy members of our community.

—Bill Stoneman

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