Spring and summer’s garden is taking shape

We avoid a number of outdoor issues when we start seeds and nurture small plants indoors: Heavy rain and lashing winds don’t bother as at all. And no one walks off with almost-ready-to-harvest watermelons.

We face other hazards, however, such as occasional inability to visit our plants. We lost everything we had started during a four-day stretch in February, from a snow day on a Friday to President’s Day on the following Monday. The building was locked tight and therefore we couldn’t water our seedlings. But it is OK because we use January and February mainly for practice.

With spring coming soon, it really counts now. So we have started over, putting broccoli, celery, eggplant, kale, leek, onion, parsley and pepper seeds into a starter mix in the past three weeks. We have made some adjustments in how many hours we leave lights on and how we use a fan, both of which dry things out. We’re on our way, with germination of broccoli, eggplant, onions, parsley and pepper seeds. The prospects look good for a garden full of plants that we started from seed.

And speaking of seeds, we hope you’ll consider buying High Mowing Organic Seeds from us. Please return orders by next Friday, March 21. And that deadline is firm. Please take a look at our selection of individual packets and collections of seeds and then print out the order forms. Please make checks out to Vegetable Project. And let us know through the Contact Us page if you send an order to school with a student so that can make sure it gets out of the backpack.

And rather donate the full cost of seeds or more? That’s OK, too.

– Bill Stoneman

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