Spring is just around the corner

A pile of snow on the ground today doesn’t change the fact that spring is on the way. And we are getting ready for it.

High Mowing seed packs

We have been starting seeds indoors for three weeks now, not so much to produce plants that will go outdoors as to put our Garden Club students through some important paces – noting in our journal what we plant, watering, carefully observing when we experiment, such as by trying the same seeds in different media. We’re also getting ready for spring by thinking now about what

we want to plant (though we do know that we’ll give more emphasis to variety than quantify of any given vegetable). And we are exploring with kids appropriate timing and locations for different plants, depending on their tolerance for cold days that are still with us.

A significant portion of this years planting will be with seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds in Wolcott, Vt., which has generously donated 75 packs of seeds. And that reminds me of one more spring rite, our annual fundraiser seed sale. We will be offering High Mowing seeds this year. Stay tuned for details. And to help you make especially good use of the seeds you buy, we are planning a workshop on starting seeds indoors, most likely in March. Again, details will follow.

—Bill Stoneman

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