Summertime Garden Club extends the season

The school calendar does not synch up well with the growing season around these parts. So that is a challenge for project that seeks to create learning opportunities with plants. We address the challenge in a couple of ways.

We start seeds and grow plants under lights indoors. We equip one classroom at a time with grow lights as we can afford it. We support teachers in building classroom activities around starting seeds and growing plants. And we start a good deal of what we grow in our garden in classrooms.

In addition, we extend the outdoor growing season with passive structures – that is no electrical or other indoor heating – that protect plants and gather the sun’s energy during the day. We nurture greens that we start in the fall all the way through the winter. And then we see real growth resume in late winter, as the daylight gets longer.

Another important piece of the picture is our summertime Garden Club. We’ll get together weekly, probably in the early evening of either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, as we have for the past three summers. We will pick a day soon and announce a schedule.

Please note, however, in the meantime, that the Vegetable Project is a volunteer initiative. If you would consider joining us occasionally over the summer, we certainly welcome adult hands on deck. Please stay tuned for more information and get in touch if you might be able to participate.

—Bill Stoneman

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