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Why garden (#2)? Why the Vegetable Project?

July 2010 5What exactly drives us to build gardens at Albany schools and then lead kids out to them? Why would we bother with those time-consuming fundraising initiatives, like collecting Boxtops for Education, and those time-consuming chores in the garden, like weeding and watering? And what is the big deal about growing some of our own lettuce and tomatoes, when Continue reading

With support, Vegetable Project season never ends

last-harvest-dec1We pulled up the last of our root vegetables last week – carrots, turnips and beets that we started from seed in late July and early August. But the Vegetable Project season is not nearly over (and really never is). For example, we will prepare some tasty dishes with these and more that we grew in the weeks ahead with our Myers Middle School Garden Club. And it is pretty safe Continue reading

A path through the garden to academic success

We spend so much of our energy growing peas and carrots and all sorts of other plants that we neglect at times to talk about a broader mission: to do our part in gCommunity Foundation logorowing healthy children. Working in schools where academic outcomes are often discouraging, we suspect that healthy, nurturing relationships with adults and educators can make a positive difference.

This thought about relationships, maybe call it mentoring, and perhaps the idea Continue reading

Whole Kids funding new greenhouse at Myers


At Myers Middle School.

A big challenge in school gardening in this part of the world is winter. Children are at their desks, but the soil is frozen. Thus, we are please to report great help that the Whole Kids Foundation is offering us to build a workaround.

As part of an annual school gardening Continue reading

Plans for a busy summer in Albany school gardens

Another school year is winding down. But plants have little regard for the school calendar. So we keep going in our school gardens.

Garden Club at Myers Middle School continues on a summer schedule, as it has each year since 2011. We will gather on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m., starting on June 23. Please join us once, once in a while or all summer long. Get your hands dirty. Learn. Share.

And we have exciting plans at Albany High School, where we have been building Continue reading

Gardening at school through long Upstate winter

School gardeners are often asked, especially at this time of year, “So what are you going to do in thSpinach Nov16e winter?”

Without a doubt, Upstate New York winter narrows our options. But choosing the right plants and providing them with a measure of protection can stretch the growing season into pretty chilly months. Thus, the Garden Club at Albany High School ought to be able to get one more harvest of leafy greens in tomorrow, even after temperatures in the mid-20s the past couple of nights. Continue reading

Growing indoors a short walk from Albany High

Greenhouse2The school leaders at Saint Anne Institute have kindly offered use of a beautiful heated greenhouse on its campus to Albany High School and Abrookin Career and Technical Center. And as slightly captured in the accompanying photo, we have begun exploring how to put this great opportunity to use.

With as much as 1,000 square feet of heated and sun-lit space about 10 minutes Continue reading

Yes, we’re still putting seeds in the ground

Carrots AHS 82214

Carrot seedlings at Albany High started 13 days ago. Not bad considering carrot seeds are notoriously slow to germinate.

I mentioned a patch of ground near Albany High to an administrator there the other day. I said that I hoped we could throw some compost there and drop some seeds in.


More than ask a question, this individual betrayed substantial surprise that we would still be putting seeds in the ground in late August. So, for the record, yes, now. Indeed, we put lettuce, spinach, arugula and radish seed in over Continue reading

Planning and planting for the fall

Corn Aug 11

Corn at Myers Middle School is getting near as high as the proverbial elephant’s eye.

We will keep our garden going and growing well into the cool days of autumn at Myers Middle School. In fact, we have started a few things already after Crem Dias and I made some plans  about what would go where and when. We try to rotate our planting based on what was most recently planted in a given bed and what does and Continue reading

Albany schools gardeners making summer plans

The Garden Club at Myers Middle School continues to dig in the dirt all summer long.  And Myers won’t be the only Albany district school where school gardeners have a chance to get together. Organizers of a new garden at Albany High School will meet weekly and, as at Myers, welcome friends – both those who have met and those who have not yet met – to stop by and pick up a tool.

The Myers Garden Club: the Summer Edition will meet Tuesday evenings, Continue reading