Borrow books and taste herbs in Albany High library

Plants in library DecemberOur garden initiative is built to a significant extent on the idea that some of the most important teaching and learning occurs rather casually, when we make connections and then build on those connections. That’s a big reason we placed a grow light and a tray of plants in the library at Albany High School.

With scores of students and staff members passing the display all day long, we pique interest and spur conversations, which surely makes connections. How much can we talk about in a quick exchange?

We can talk about photosynthesis and nutrient in the soil outdoors that we have to add indoors. We can talk about the role that flowers play in sexual reproduction. And we can talk a bit about adding flavor to our cooking. Right now, for example, we are offering tastes of basil and garlic chives. And there will be more.

boxtops logo2We will continue to put plants in visible locations as we raise funds to buy more grow lights. I hope you will help us with that by collecting Boxtops for Education and by staying tuned for word about our annual seed sale.

—Bill Stoneman

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