Planting tiny seeds to grow a school garden project

Boxtops photoPerhaps no one has as much faith that great things can grow from tiny seeds as small-time gardeners. At the Vegetable Project, this faith includes a firm belief that small contributions can really add up.

Thus, we ask you to keep an eye out for Boxtops for Education labels, which you can find on scores of packaged food and other household products. Please save them and drop off your collection from time to time at either Myers Middle School or Albany High School in an envelope marked Vegetable Project.

We redeem the labels for 10 cents each. This surely isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. But it does regularly contribute about $300 a year toward our ability to place grow lights in classrooms, build season-extending structures and more. That’s one of the places where the great things come in, as we marshal tools to help us bring hands-on teaching and learning opportunities to Albany students. Another is within the students who take some confidence from their success in the garden and apply it elsewhere.

—Bill Stoneman

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