Hope to see you at Myers garden on Oct. 11

Hey, mark your calendars and try to join us, if you can, for a Family Day in the Garden at Myers Middle School on Saturday, Oct. 11, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Green thumbThat’s Columbus Day weekend. We do this once in the fall and twice in the spring. It’s a great opportunity to meet other members of the Myers community. It’s a huge help when we can get adults working on a couple of projects that are a bit much for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. And it helps us focus on growing plants when we are with students, rather than construction or lugging heavy materials.

We would like to get some heavy lifting done that will prepare our garden for the winter and ensure that we continue growing well into the cold months. Most importantly, we want to sheath our greenhouse with plastic wrap and button it up tightly. But we have a host of other plans to draw on your carpentry skills, muscles and elbow grease. The whole family is welcome. And we’ll surely have some plans for younger folks.

—Bill Stoneman


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