Seeking help building miniature greenhouses

The Vegetable Project is collecting gallon-sized plastic jugs and would like to accumulate about 500 of them in the next month and a half or so. We would be so happy if your family buys anything in these if you would save the empties for us. We can pick’m up in Albany and nearby. Just let us know.

We’re going to turn them into miniature greenhouses and would like to work with a number of classes, giving one student after another after another a chance to make one for him and herself. We’ll get a jump on the growing season. And we’ll build teaching and learning around doing and touching and tasting and experiencing with these, because that’s what the Vegetable Project does.

We did this last year with 500 kids and had a blast. It was our biggest undertaking ever. It was a bit exhausting. But it’s hard to resist coming back for more.

We cannot, however, drink so much milk or juice or water ourselves. Maybe you can do some for us. Maybe you know friends and neighbors who could help as well. Please reach out at [email protected].

And we’ll also circle back to describe the wonderful volunteering opportunities  that this project offers.

Many thanks.

–Bill Stoneman

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