Seeking help from friends with watering gardens

The Vegetable Project, as you may well know, is a volunteer group. And among the many pieces of what we do that we’re always eager for more help with is watering our gardens at Albany High School and Myers Middle School from now until the end of September, or maybe even the middle of October. Won’t you consider pitching in?

It would make a huge contribution to everything we do with and for kids.

So, we would be grateful for friends who sign up for dates and locations. But we also need/want to spend time with you, showing you the ropes, for at least the first time around. And that might take a bit of schedule coordination. So please reach out to Bill at [email protected] to say you’d like to find a time to get together.

How much help are we looking for? Once or twice on your own makes a show-you-around get-together worthwhile. More than that is even better. Perhaps you would consider taking responsibility for a week – Sunday through Saturday – at one garden. Or maybe a particular day of the week on an ongoing basis. We are flexible! And we would love to hear from you!

Thanks for support in all sorts of sizes and shapes for more than 12 years.

–Bill Stoneman

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