Thankful for newspaper report, hands-on volunteers

A number of thanks are in order as we wrap up our milk jug greenhouse project, which without doubt was our biggest undertaking since we started digging in the dirt with Albany students in 2009.

A big one goes to Leigh Hornbeck, a Times Union writer/reporter, for capturing so well what the Vegetable Project does and what we’ve been talking about for many years. Fairly sure we have something important to offer to Albany kids, we are always eager for a wider swath of the community to know about us. Please read here from Sunday’s paper.

Then, we are indebted to the amazing team of volunteers who guided every student in 19 classes (two more to go on Thursday) and one after-school program at six schools through turning a gallon milk jug into a miniature greenhouse. If someone else has produced as intensely hands-on teaching and learning in Albany schools as we just did, let alone for 500 students, we would love to hear about it.

In alphabetical order, these 18 fine folks are Sarah Burgess, Italyia Cir, Sean Cleary, Sue Dubois, Wini Eisan, Susan Fowler, Greg Goutus, Russ Greenman, Malayshia Hector, Dave Hopkins, Jenny McErlean, Kim O’Brien, Joe Raggio, Kee Kee Soto, Kate Steere, Perry Stout, Noah Tubbs and Don Wrieden.

And finally, gratitude goes to the Garden Club of the Capital District (formerly the Men’s Garden Club of Albany) for embracing the Vegetable Project. Among the 18 volunteers, Garden Club members Greg Goutus, Russ Greenman, Joe Raggio and Don Wrieden contributed hours upon hours to the milk jug project.

Together, we make a difference in the lives of students who do not always get from the mainstream school program what that program intends to offer.

–Bill Stoneman

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