Why a garden? Why the Vegetable Project? #5

To grow healthy kids.

To build better approaches to the kids who do not respond well to being told, “Sit still in your chair” and “Look up at the board” and “Start planning for college.”

To get kids outside.

To expose kids to thinking about what they eat.

To offer an opportunity to build foundation knowledge the way our brains really work, by making connections with what we already know, which in academic terms means across disciplines and nonlinearly.

To inspire inquiry and discovery.

To encourage a love of learning, which does not happen when accompanied with something like, “You better learn this. It’s going to be on a test on Friday.”

To connect learning to the real world.

To create experiences.

To flop the usual school approach to teaching around, by starting with interesting questions instead of a long list of facts.

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–Bill Stoneman

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